[CHARACTER SHEET 01 – Akane Inori] | INORI 2018


Name : Akane Inori (Abe no Seimei)
Nicknames : Ori, Akagami
Gender : Female
Age : 17 yrs
Birthday : 29 Februari
Species : Half-Yokai

Height : 165 cm
Weight : ** kg (Kau tidak perlu tahu!!)
Preferred Weapon : Shikigami

Hobbies : Nyetun di sungai, Gaming
Likes : Game♡ (psst, jangan lupa check Nekoneko atau Metubeku, yap!)
Dislikes : Diejek redhair!, Masalah
Favorite Food : Ice Cream
Favorite Drink : Caramel Frapucinno
Favorite Spirit Animal : Pesut (?!)

“Aku tahu aku rusuh, tapi itulah diriku sebenarnya! Kamu ada masalah dengan itu?!”

[Extra Information]
Akane Inori’s Shikigami (The Twelve Divine Commanders):
1. Sadalsuud
Summons a magical shield or barrier.

2. Piscium’s Alpha Wisdom
Gains a fraction knowledge of the past, present, and future. Can only be used twice per life.

3. Aquamarine
Summons a siren with angelic wings. The siren then plays a music which stuns everyone that hears it.

4. Aldebaran’s Judgement
Gains the ability to manipulate any type of light, either visible or not visible to the human eye. The light is summoned directly from Aldebaran.

5. Gemini’s Twin Gale
Summons a double wind tornado which lifts up any object or character on it’s path.

6. Cancer Kiss
Changes the biological structure of the target. Target unable to attack for a couple of moments.

7. Black Howl of Regulus
Increases any chosen target’s attack, speed, and awareness.

8. Virgo’s Crystal Sight
Gives crystal sight which can see any invisible object or species to the normal human eye.

9. Zubeneschamali
Summons a humanoid knight looking figure with a hood and equipped a sword and a dagger. Zubeneschamali moves quickly as he is an assassin, an instrument of death, wielded to turn the tides of a war.

10. Antares’ Venom
Restores exhaustion and heals any type of wounds or scars.

11. Citrine Sagittarii Arrow
Summons a giant white arrow and attacks the opponent.

12. Call of Algedi
Provokes the opponent which makes them to lose control and unable to think clearly which results in absurd movements.

Note : Inori is unable to use more than three as her powers have decreased because she moved dimensions and a form of reincarnation with the exception when she first recalled her memories, she can use all of it at once with no disadvantages. When Inori uses all of her shikigami at once she will be physically exhausted drastically, possibly leading to death. On that note, when Inori is awakened, she is able to calculate the best possible combinations from her shikigami’s skill.


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